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April 2014:

The gorgeous cover of Chatelaine of Forez is nominated for a Creme de la Cover Award by InD'tale Magazine.

It won the semi-finals and is now up for the finals.

Please vote if you can. You must register, but it's free, painless, and you get this wonderful magazine full of reviews and articles for free.

Click to vote on the link HERE Thank you.



March 2014: Great news!


is nominated for a RONE Award from
IND'TALE Magazine after receiving a
5-star exceptional highly recommended  review
in the magazine.


January 20, 2014 - New cover, new release


CHATELAINE OF FOREZ has a gorgeous cover.

This is Book 5 in the Curse of the Lost Isle medieval fantasy romance series.

Loooove the cover.

August 17, 2013 - New Book and cover

Borealis IX novella
Coming out September 1, 2013

This upcoming novella now has a cover. It's the classic cover for the series, a photo of the Borealis space station where all the novellas take place.

Find more about the story HERE

July 5, 2013

NOAH'S ARK, The beginning of the Chronicles of Kassouk, is available in print today. The entire series is now available in paperback. No excuse not to read this new award-winning book.


May 27, 2013:

BLUE LIONESS is finally in paperback today. It will be available on Amazon first, then shortly on B&N and other sites. This title has been available in eBook format for a while, but this is the first paperback edition. So, if you still like paper, or you keep your favorites on a physical shelf, here it is. Enjoy!

Noah's Ark is a finalist in the 2013
in the Futuristic romance category

Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Luxembourg saga continues

LADY OF LUXEMBOURG, Book 4 in the Curse of the Lost Isle series, now has a cover. It will be out in kindle at the beginning of March 2013.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Romance in 963

SEDUCING SIGEFROI, Book 3 in the Curse of the Lost Isle
 is featured today on the AWESOME ROMANCE NOVELS blog. 

Check it out and comment HERE

September 18, 2012:

I just learned that BLACK DRAGON (BOREALIS novella #7) not only received a 5-kisses review from TwoLips Reviews, but was awarded a special 'RECOMMENDED READ' recognition.

I am delighted. Click on the button to read the full review.

August 22, 2012:

A special edition of the CURSE OF THE LOST ISLE series is out in kindle today. This edition comprises the first three books of the series: Princess of Bretagne, Pagan Queen, and Seducing Sigefroi, all for the very friendly price of $5.99. This should be a great holiday hit, since Book 4 - LADY OF LUXEMBOURG is scheduled for release later this fall.

July 16, 2012:

Book 3 in the Curse of the Lost Isle is out  today. Love the cover, love the way the characters are represented. This is the third installment of this medieval fantasy saga, and it relates the foundation of Luxembourg, according to the legend.

In these days, history and legend tended to mix as very few written records were kept. But the spirit of the story lives in legends, like that of King Arthur.

This is my version of their forbidden love. But I did respect all the historical landmarks and known facts of that period, and I kept a realistic view of the life of the times, while keeping the romance alive.

April 4, 2012

PRINCESS OF BRETAGNE, book one of the Curse of the Lost Isle series, just received it's first review. It's a 4.5 stars from Alberta at Manic Readers.

I am delighted. Since this is a new genre for me. Among other good things, she said:

"Schartz paints a realistic picture of life in a medieval castle, with all its smells, tastes, visuals, and feelings, and as always, all the primary, as well as the secondary characters are well-developed and interesting. I’m looking forward to the others in this series."

March 21, 2012

When it rains it pours book covers! Here is the first peek at the cover of NOAH'S ARK, the prequel to the CHRONICLES OF KASSOUK series, coming from Desert Breeze Publishing on April 1, 2012 in eBook. I can't emphasize how important it is to give your cover artist an accurate picture of what's in your mind.

The artist is Jenifer Ranieri, who designed all the covers in this series. White Tiger, book one, was an award-winning cover (Ariana and Quasar Awards) for the best eBook cover of 2009. I am blessed with beautiful covers.

March 12, 2012

Just received the cover from Books We Love for PRINCESS OF BRETAGNE, Book One of the CURSE OF THE LOST ISLE SERIES. It seems this novel is going to be out a lot earlier than I expected, just in the next few days.


And did you notice Jimmy Thomas on the cover? The cover artist is Michelle Lee. A very talented lady who also did the cover of Ashes for the Elephant God for the same publisher.



February 23, 2012

MarketWatch, the Wall Street Journal online, named me today in an article about Lynn Rush and the new genres of romance at the Tucson Book Festival March 10-11, 2012. My feet are not touching the floor today! Here is the quote:

"Lynn Rush will be joining other paranormal romance writers including Zoe Archer, Shayla Black, Vijaya Schartz and Shiloh Walker for an exciting literary weekend in Tucson."

Read the whole article HERE

Wait! the same article is also on MSNBC HERE

February 9, 2012

I got to meet my favorite cover model, Jimmy Thomas, once more, this time at the Glendale Chocolate Affaire. Read the details on my blog at ROMANCING SCI-FI

January 21, 2012

COYOTE GORGEOUS, my shapeshifter novella featuring a Native American hero, is now available in eBook for 99 cents at  Amazon kindle, Smashwords, ARe (All Romance eBooks), B&N Nook, Kobo, and other distributors. Pick it up, along with A DESPERADO FOR CHRISTMAS, which is another 99 cents novella, and a good story any time of the year.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

by Vijaya Schartz on the Arizona Authors Blog

December 26, 2012

A DESPERADO FOR CHRISTMAS is now also available for 99 cents at Barnes & Noble in nook at B&N HERE

About time for Christmas! But it's never too late for a good story.

December 16, 2011

A DESPERADO FOR CHRISTMAS is now available for 99 cents on Amazon in kindle. Yesss!

Get it today HERE

December 10, 2011

A DESPERADO FOR CHRISTMAS is going on sale for 99 cents in all eBook formats at SMASHWORDS (not available anywhere else at this time).

Get it today HERE

Friday, December 9, 2012

Vijaya is on Stephanie Burkhart aka SG Cardin's blog,
speaking about Black Dragon in the Borealis series at:

Monday, December 5, 2011

Vijaya on the SEEING IS BELIEVING   Blog
participates today in THE TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS
with a post featuring KICKING BOTS, a novel of the
Ancient Enemy series, set during the holidays.

December 1, 2011

It's a sad day. One of my publishers, Sapphire Blue Publishing, is closing their doors. My two novellas with them, COYOTE GORGEOUS, and A DESPERADO FOR CHRISTMAS, will be unavailable for a while, but do not despair, they will reappear soon, with almost the same covers and a friendly price.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Vijaya and WHITE TIGER are featured on the

Visit and comment HERE

Friday, November 25, 2011

Vijaya is a guest blogger at: where readers rule!

Speaking about the CHRONICLES OF KASSOUK and its world of large cats

Saturday, November 19. 2011

A wonderful day of workshops for writers, at the Civic Center Library in Scottsdale, AZ. organized by the Desert Rose Romance chapter of Phoenix. My workshop on plotting was full and a few couldn't get in, even standing or sitting on the floor. Received some very encouraging feedback as well. Apparently the writers who came to attend found plenty to learn and went home very satisfied. And since the entire day was free, you can't go wrong. All in all, a smashing success.

November 15, 2011

Another great review for Blue Lioness, from Coffee Time Romance. Click on the logo for the full review. Here is a taste:

"Wow! Talk about a real page turner! I absolutely Adored Blue Lioness. Ms. Schartz is an incredible storyteller with a very big imagination...The world building is so imaginative in this story that it just kept me turning the pages late into the night, because I was desperate to see what happened next and to see if Ariela and Starro were going to get their happy ending. If you love science fiction romance with stellar world building, and a beautiful love story, oh, and sentient big cats, then you do not want to miss this one. I for one am going to go out and buy the rest of the books in this series, and I encourage you to do so as well, Ms. Schartz is not to be missed!"

November 3, 2011

Check out my Interview at Romance Books R Us Blog. It was fun and interesting. There is a contest, and maybe you'll learn something about me you didn't know. HERE

October 31, 2011

There is a brand new review of BLACK DRAGON out there, from Single Titles Reviews. Candy loved the book and gave it 4.5 stars. Read the whole review HERE

October 28, 2011


Great news from my publisher Desert Breeze. White Tiger, the award-winning first book of my Chronicles of Kassouk series (so far only available in eBook format), will be released in print format in the spring.

October 21, 2011

The very first review for BOREALIS: BLACK DRAGON, just arrived from LASR (Long and Short Reviews), with a 4.5 books rating - sensual.  I am thrilled. Foxglove obviously liked it and that's what she said:

"I like the balance of humor and danger in this story, and the action kept me glued to the pages...  I enjoyed watching as suspicion turned to admiration, and admiration became the first flickers of love between Czerno and Zara... Pick up a copy of Borealis: Black Dragon, by Vijaya Schartz, and enter a world of adventure, romance, and a spoiled cat named Marshmallow."

October 19, 20121

I was invited to speak at the KABAM!  Kingman Area Books Are Magic Festival, on May 19 next year. I'm very excited about it.

October 16, 2011

Just learned that I will be speaking about reclaiming your writing time and space at a free public meeting of the Arizona Authors Association, on Saturday, January 9, 2012, from 10 to 11:30 am at McKeown's Landscape meeting room. See details on my appearances page.


October 13, 2011

Anyone can listen and participate in the discussion. Join me today, live, 6PM Eastern, 3PM Pacific, on NO LIMITS on Blog Talk Radio, at:
Hope to talk to you there.

October 12, 2011

Today came a new review of BLUE LIONESS and I am delighted.

"Ms. Schartz's new book Blue Lioness is a fast paced and compelling story that held me spellbound  from the start.  I for one can't wait to read Noah's Ark,  the next book in the Chronicles of Kassouk series." Fallen Angel Reviews - 5 angels

October 10, 2011

My Holiday Contest is on the way, to win A DESPERADO FOR CHRISTMAS, my Romantic Suspense Border Patrol story. Find out more about the story HERE.

Click HERE to enter the contest.

September 25, 2011

BLACK DRAGON, my Borealis Universe novella, coming out October 1, from Desert Breeze Publishing, has a cover. It matches all the other covers for this series, to which many authors already contributed. The common denominator of the series is the decrepit Borealis Space Station at the fringe of conquered space...  and each novella reads like an episode of your favorite sci-fi TV shows. Read more about it HERE

September 9, 2011

An unexpected review of Kicking Bots - 4 stars
 From Alberta atfor Manic Readers - read the whole review HERE

"I liked Kicking Bots, although at times I felt like the Perils of Pauline, with yet another crisis for the protagonists at every new chapter, with no recovery time. It’s a good love story, with twist, turns, distrust, despair, and finally true love and HEA. A good vacation read or one to keep on your e-reader."



September 2, 2011

Another review for Blue Lioness just came in from:
Red Roses for Authors - 4 roses

"A very good story... best read in order with the other books in the series... The world building comes to life for the reader as each detail pulls them into another world and lets them live it with the characters. This one is hard to put down... the reader will keep turning the pages until the very end."

September 1, 2011

The second review for Blue Lioness is a 4-star from The Hope Chest Reviews.

"Overall, Blue Lioness was another fun, action-packed fantasy novel from Vijaya Schartz that I enjoyed. I'll now be looking forward to the release of the Chronicles of Kassouk prequel, Noah's Ark, which is due to be released in 2012."

August 31, 2011

BLUE LIONESS received its first review, and it's a 4.5 stars from Manic Readers. Here are the last lines of the review:

"Blue Lioness rips along at a great pace, and keeps you scrolling through pages on your e-reader, as fast as you can. Although it is part of a series, this one stands alone very well. Schartz has a very active imagination, reminiscent of JD Robb’s 2060 way of life."

August 12, 2011

Just got the news from my editor at Desert Breeze Publishing, that BLACK DRAGON, instead of being part of the BOREALIS anthology, will be released as a stand alone novella in the BOREALIS series. It will be priced very friendly and accessible to all. The release date is still October 1, 2011.

August 1, 2011


July 20, 2011


Blue Lioness, Book Four of the Chronicles of Kassouk, has a cover, and I love it. The book comes out from Desert Breeze Publishing on August 1, 2011.

You can enter my contest to win a PDF copy until July 31. Just click on CONTEST for a chance to win.

Good luck.

June 17, 2011

Wow! I just discovered that Coyote Gorgeous is a best-seller this month at the Sapphire Blue Publishing website. Check it out HERE


June 14, 2011

Updating and giving my website a new look. Hope you like it.

June 1, 2011

Blue Lioness is coming August 1, 2011. Don't forget to enter my contest to win a pdf of this books when it comes out. Click on CONTEST top right column, to enter.

May 22, 2011

Actively writing BLACK DRAGON, a novella for the Borealis III Sci-fi romance anthology from Desert Breeze, scheduled for release on October 1, 2011. Also doing the editor's revisions on BLUE LIONESS, the fourth book in the Chronicles of Kassouk series, to be released from Desert Breeze Publishing in August 2011. Eagerly waiting for the cover art that should arrive any day now.


May 20, 2011

I spoke at the Eastern Arizona College in Thatcher AZ to a crowd of very interested students, answered their questions, and opened their eyes to the possibilities of not only good writing, storytelling, and the business of writing, but also about other occupations related to the book industry, like designing book covers, and even becoming a cover model.

April 6 to April 10, 2011:


Such a thrill each year to meet with readers, author friends, publishers, agents and editors for the BOOKLOVERS CONVENTION. This year it was in L.A.  The atmosphere was extraordinary, friendly, fun and relaxed, just as all previous RT conventions. Book signings were packed with authors and readers. I sold out of the paperbacks of my anthology TWICE UPON A TIME. We had costumed parties, balls, dancing, delicious food, and gorgeous cover models attending the MR. ROMANCE competition. I'm home now, back to writing. Just turned in my manuscript of BLUE LIONESS to my editor (my August 2011 release, book IV in the Chronicles of Kassouk). Now I have to tackle my sci-fi novella for the BOREALIS III anthology to be released in October from Desert Breeze.

March 31, 2011

Just turned in my manuscript of BLUE LIONESS, Book Four of the Chronicles of Kassouk, to be released August 1, 2011. Phew. Now getting ready for the RT Booklovers convention in Los Angeles. I'm driving from Arizona. It's always a fun event. Perfect to celebrate finishing my book.

A bunch of new books with gorgeous covers coming out in February and March 2011

February 2011

A new kitten graced our family. Adopted from a feral litter in our backyard. Bandit deserves his name. He is full of life and always ready to play. He loves naps and toy mice. He also likes to chase the little arrows on my screen when I write and enjoys pouncing at the words. Sometimes he jumps onto the keyboard, doing some writing of his own.

More about my other kitty cats HERE

January23, 2011


To scatter her brother's ashes over the Narmada River, Fabienne leaves France for the mysterious India of her childhood dreams. As she awakens to a newfound spirituality, unexpected visions of a former life during the Raj stir ancient yearnings for a long lost passion. Mukunda, the palace architect Fabienne loved a century and a half ago, lives again as an American engineer and works on the local dam project. As Fabienne falls in love again with India and the man of her destiny, the tapestry of her previous life unfolds. But, in the karmic land of the blue gods, a ruthless foe lies in wait. The Kali worshiper, who murdered the two lovers in a faraway past, has come back through the centuries to thwart their dream once more.

January 1, 2011

CRUSADER, Book One of the Archangel twin books, is out today from BWLPP and available at ARe, in Kindle, Omnilit, Smashwords, and will be available in a day or two at B&N for the Nook, at Kobo for the Borders eReader, and at many other retail websites. Click on website logos on the left to get it.

This is a re-release in eBook of an out of print paperback. But if you haven't read it, this is your chance to stuff you brand new eBook reader with an exciting story. It's sci-fi with romantic elements and plenty of good action.

Hope you'll enjoy it.

Book Two, CHECKMATE, is coming out from the same publisher later this month.

December 15, 2010

This is the new cover of RELICS, book Two in the Ancient Enemy series, from BWLPP. 

Love my Chinese James Bond type hero.

November 1, 2010:

Book Three of the Chronicles of Kassouk, is out today from Desert Breeze Publishing.

Find it everywhere eBooks are sold, including Kindle, Nook, AllRomance eBooks, Omnilit, and from the publisher in all formats of downloads.

It just received a five angel review from Fallen Angel Reviews.

More on this novel HERE


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