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Chronicles of Kassouk
Book Two

Red  Leopard

In charge of the Kassouk fortress in the king’s absence, what is Terek to do when a Goddian spacecraft lands in his medieval backyard? The striking woman leading the galactic party is bent on finding a crystal with hyper-conductor properties, and the futile defiance of a tribal chief nicknamed Red Leopard, like the infernal feline that follows him everywhere, isn’t going to stop her.

Terek must defend his people’s freedom, but an old prophecy surfaces, carrying a new threat. When political intrigues, greed, murder and betrayal tip the scales, whom can Galya trust? Her fellow Goddians? The Mutants bred to serve her race? Or her primitive Human enemy?


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Best Animal Character in a book for 2010
awarded to Rascal, the leopard in Red Leopard, from The Hope Chest Reviews:


action packed, fast paced story... I can't wait to read the next book in the
Chronicles of Kassouk series."

5 angels - Fallen Angel Reviews

"This book was so good. The plot, characters, setting, everything was laid out in detail; vivid and believable. I was completely lost in the world Vijaya created and loving every second of it."

5 stars - Shawna K. -

"Schartz’s love scenes are intense and tasteful. Red Leopard offers plenty of excitement, adventure, and love from the first page to the last."
4.5 stars  -  S.Burkhart  -

"...another good read in this fantasy romance series... packed with action and adventure. Galya ... a tough warrior... a sweetness about her that makes her easy to like... I loved how Rascal was Terek's faithful companion and defender throughout nearly the entire story...
I really liked
Red Leopard."
4 stars - The Hope Chest Reviews


Set in a world where a human transport crashed centuries ago, the Chronicles of Kassouk relate the evolution of a human community kept at a level of medieval development to serve a more advance race.  Constantly battling to regain their rights, the human population struggles for freedom.

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The tall woman had ivory skin, full pink lips, short flaxen hair and deep blue eyes enhanced by curved blue lines tattooed around them.  “And what about your sword, Red Leopard, is it?”

A Gray took a step toward Terek.

The woman raised one hand to stop him.  She had six fingers, like a Mutant or a Godd.  “I’ll handle this.”  She stared into Terek’s eyes.  She looked Human, taller than him, and extremely refined. “What are your intentions, Red Leopard?”

“How do you know my name?”  Terek’s heart beat like a battle drum.

She had a sad smile.  “The same way I knew you were coming.  You were betrayed.”

Terek bristled at the idea that someone had intentionally sent a hundred Humans and a dozen felines to certain death. “Who is the traitor?”

“It’s not important.”  The woman moved with natural grace, the pale blue silk floating around her shapely hips and slim thighs with each step. “I’m Galya.”

The name told him nothing.  She exhibited no fear as she approached him, although he still held his sword at the ready, and she wore no armor that he could see.  If she came any closer, he would…what?  Kill her?  The Grays would retaliate and massacre his warriors.

Struggling to ignore the way his body flushed in her proximity, Terek stared back at Galya.  “I hope in all fairness that you will spare my fighters.  I take full responsibility for the attack.  But I would rather die than surrender myself.”

“I like your style, Red Leopard.”  The shadow of a smile played on the woman’s lips and she patted the exquisite white scabbard hanging from her silver sash.  “I need field practice, and you seem like a worthy opponent.”

She stepped out of her high platform shoes.  A general gasp filled the room.  She now stood at eye level with Terek.  Could she be Human?  No.  She had six lovely toes.

Terek couldn’t imagine grappling with her in single combat.  Or rather, he could.  An intimate battle.  He felt himself blush at the lusty thought and caught amusement in Galya’s blue eyes.  Despite her pale looks and cool demeanor, he sensed in her a smoldering passion.

She unsheathed a pristine silvery blade that shimmered in the artificial light.  “You fight me, and I’ll decide whether to spare your warriors or execute you all for treason.”



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