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Award-winning author

Vijaya Schartz

Strong heroines, brave heroes, cats,
Romance with a kick


From BWL Publishing

Eight hundred years ago the Anasazi disappeared from the Earth. The local legends say they were taken to the stars by powerful Star People. Now, still bloodthirsty, after slaughtering their captors, they have returned to conquer the planet of their ancestors, a small blue dot called Earth

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the Anaz-voohri have returned from the stars after eight hundred years, to claim the planet of their ancestors... a blue orb named Earth. Since he witnessed the abduction of his baby sister by an alien creature, Zack will stop at nothing to rescue her, even if it means joining the Special Forces. But Tia Vargas, the reckless Amazon training the secret unit for a highly classified mission, has no use for this handsome, rebellious recruit, at least not on the battlefield, until Zack’s farfetched stories prove to be true, and tragedy strikes

"an epic novel of enduring love despite Herculean obstacles and extraterrestrial intrigues. I was caught up from the first sentence... I adored this book." Coffee Time Romance - 5 cups

"fast paced with just the right amount of action... The romance between Zack and Tia was very realistic... I couldn't put the book down until I finished it... very memorable." Fallen Angel Reviews - 5 angels

"a fantastic futuristic science fiction adventure... the evil Captain Kavak certainly ranks as one of the worst villains ever encountered!  ...a book that is definitely out-of-this-world!"
ck2skwips&Kritiques 4 1/2 shamrocks

"This one will keep you wondering till the end of the book... so good, you can easily see the scenes in your head" 4-stars rating - Ann Beardsly, Scribes World

"Ms. Schartz offers her readers an enthralling story. Zack is a charming, headstrong, and determined character, the likes of which anyone would be pleased to call friend... a definite must read "  Love Romances

"well-written characters... bad-guy aliens intent on destroying humanity... romance, adventure and plenty of futuristic shoot-'em-up action."  Romantic Times Magazine

RELICS - Book 2

The year is 2023, and an alien invader has infiltrated the human race. In a dangerous future threatened by aliens and infiltrated by hybrids, archeologist Celene Dupres witnesses her father's murder. Vowing to avenge him and retrieve his precious alien relics, she finds the perfect ally and protector. But the man she trusts, the man with whom she is falling in love, is the secret agent sent to kill her. Kin, however is more than a killing machine. Despite his love for Celene, can he accomplish his gruesome mission, and save humanity from the threat embedded in her DNA?

"RELICS is an intense thrill ride of a futuristic romance; I highly recommend it." - Paranormal Romance

" intriguing romance... all the staples of a good science fiction story." Romantic Times

" ...will keep you captivated from beginning to end." 5 hearts Love Romances

"I consider this to be among the best reads of the year!" Fallen Angel Reviews - 5 angels

"The action in this book is fast and furious.  The love between Celene and Kin sizzles off the page.  Take a deep breath before starting this book and hold on tight.  It is going to be an exciting ride." 4.5 stars Sensual Reads

"A fast paced, adrenaline-pumping addition to the wonderful series. Vijaya Schartz takes the ball and runs with it in Relics, and carries it wonderfully. Do not miss this addition. Celene and Kin jump off the pages and run right into your heart." The Romance Studio  4 1/2 hearts

"...intriguing...wonderful romance, sheer danger... powerful and alluring story..." Robin Taylor - Sizzling Romances - 4-flames

"will have you on the edge of your seat, reading page after page"  Romance Junkies  - rating: 4 Blue Ribbons


Dr. Melissa Campbell, researcher at the San Francisco Center for Disease Control, requests help to protect her precious vaccine, one that could end the deadly alien plague. She didn't expect a crazy renegade like Bennett for a bodyguard. She hates military types, and this genetically enhanced super-soldier is pure testosterone, hot-headed, quick-tempered, impulsive, and downright impossible. But these are dangerous times with riots in the streets, and rumors of alien invasion. In a breathless race against time, experience the decisive battle for humankind, one that will decide whether Earth belongs to humanity, or to a powerful alien race

"Begins with a bang and keeps the fireworks coming. As much as Melissa and Bennett try to fight their feelings for each other, it is too strong for them to deny... but he cannot let that prevent him from doing his job.... Can they override their programming in time to save the human race? - Sensual Reads - 4.5 stars - Sultry

"... Bennett. Sexy, balls to the walls Bennett. Ladies man, his own military militia and a devilish sense of humor. A sensational and fantastical alternate universe, painted and laid out for me with every wondrous word. I really enjoyed being taken away into the lives of the characters as they wove their way through imminent death, every lie and betrayal, every scary new path on their journey to get to the truth and save the world as they know it." Book Junkie - 4 stars

"I really enjoyed this book. Even though I hadn't read the previous two... I have always been interested in the mysterious disappearance of the Anasazi and this story nicely filled in the blanks... exceptionally well written. I am definitely going to have to find the previous books and check them out as well." - The Romance Studio - 5 hearts - rated very sensual