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Award-winning author

Vijaya Schartz

Strong heroines, brave heroes, cats,
Romance with a kick

CHRONICLES  OF  KASSOUK  SERIES  (6 novels, complete)
Romantic Science Fiction

This award-winning series is now in its second edition, from  BWL Publishing, with the same stunning covers, in ebook and paperback.
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Noah's Ark, a transport full of human settlers equipped to seed a new planet with life, crashes on the wrong world, a cold orb beyond the confines of the known universe. Seeking refuge in the abandoned alien fortress of Kassouk, the settlers and their motley crew fight for survival, against hostile natives, and advanced galactic races who consider them cheap labor and research material for their genetic experiments.

Stranded with no hope of rescue, deprived of their technology by the ruling aliens, the humans of Kassouk reverse to a medieval farming society with slight differences. Besides horses and swords, they keep large felines as pets and train them for battle. They also proudly adopt big cat names as warrior names, and women often strive as military leaders.

As they fight their alien rulers to keep their freedom and their pride, as well as the right to freely choose their mates… other, more insidious dangers lurk. Generation after generation, as the people of Kassouk evolve and secretly learn from the alien races oppressing them, a few start developing extraordinary abilities…




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NOAH'S ARK - Prequel

When Trixie's starfreighter, Noah's Ark, drops out of jump space in an uncharted part of the universe, she believes the Earth-like planet on her viewer represents hope and salvation for her motley crew and the ragtag settlers aboard her ship.

Kostas, ex Space Marine, the expert survivalist recruited for this expedition, doesn't believe in coincidences, and knows that when something looks too good to be true, it usually is.

Everyone on this voyage to seed a new planet with life, is running from something, and harbors dangerous secrets... including Trixie, who vowed to never let a man control her life again. As for Kostas, he would get lynched on the spot if anyone suspected who he really is.

But on this seemingly abandoned planet, others are watching, herding them for evil purposes... And when the truth emerges and secrets unravel, Trixie and Kostas will have to fight for survival, for freedom, and for the right to love...

Schartz pens a suspenseful prequel to her futuristic series, 'Chronicles of Kassouk' with 'Noah's Ark.' Filled with action, adventure, greed, betrayal, and love... Having read the other books in the series, I was anxiously awaiting the prequel and Schartz delivers. She engages the reader right from the opening. Her writing style is crisp and easy to read. Schartz excels at world building as she layers the humans' discoveries starting with the citadel, then the Godds, and then tossing in the Zerkers. The dialogue adds a rich authenticity to the story. It's the little touches which bring the humanity into the story from Viking the cat to Tabor's horseback riding lessons.
Five stars - Sally Pink Reviews - Amazon

"Noah's Ark finally answers the many questions of how the Chronicles of Kassouk began... I was fascinated to learn about the science behind cloning... This is one series that shouldn't be missed" Five angels - Teresa - Fallen Angel Reviews

"Sometimes a prequel has too many facts. Not this one. The rich description, exciting action and complex, satisfying relationships are hallmarks for this author. Whether you are new to the Chronicles of Kassouk or, like me, have eagerly awaited each fine book, you will enjoy Noah's Ark." Lady Mack 5-stars - Amazon



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On the frozen plains of Kassouk, where a few aliens rule a medieval Human world, Tora, Human warrior trained by tigers, seeks her father’s murderer. But what she finds at the point of her sword confuses her. How dare Dragomir, the handsome Mutant, question her bloodline and her loyalties? And could a new enemy control the savage hordes of the fringe?

Dragomir offers to help, but Humans and Mutants are forbidden to fraternize under penalty of death... Should Tora trust her mind, her instincts, or her heart?

In the vortex of war, treason and intrigue, among blizzards, avalanches and ambushes, Tora sets out to solve the mystery of her father’s death. When she unveils the secret of her birth, she realizes Dragomir is the key, and together, they must save their planet from the invaders and fulfill their destiny... if they can survive dire persecutions from those they mean to protect.

" exceptional tale that belongs in a place of honor on keeper shelves everywhere." Johnna Flores - Coffee Time Romance - 5-cups

"...this is one futuristic that you do not want to miss!" Naomi - Fallen Angels Reviews  - 5 angels - Recommended Read

"...kept me enthralled from the first page...a thrilling science fiction romance" Marlene Breakfield, Paranormal Romance Reviews

"...unique and extremely well constructed" 4 1/2 stars Tami Brady at Book

"I'm adding this to my 'keeper' shelf and on the 'to be re-read' list." Niniri Theriault for The Road to Romance

" story that draws the reader in and keeps him/her reading... The characters' personalities are believable and well rounded." Gottawrite Network

Best Sci-fi novel of 2010 at the Hope Chest Reviews



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Rascal, the leopard in this book, was awarded the best animal character award for bravery from
The Hope Chest Reviews


In charge of the Kassouk fortress in the king’s absence, what is Terek to do when a Goddian spacecraft lands in his medieval backyard?

The striking woman leading the galactic party is bent on finding a crystal with hyper-conductor properties, and the futile defiance of a tribal chief nicknamed Red Leopard, like the infernal feline that follows him everywhere, isn’t going to stop her.

Terek must defend his people’s freedom, but an old prophecy surfaces, carrying a new threat. When political intrigues, greed, murder and betrayal tip the scales, whom can Galya trust? Her fellow Goddians? The Mutants bred to serve her race? Or her primitive Human enemy?

"action packed, fast paced story... I can't wait to read the next book in the Chronicles of Kassouk series." 5 angels - Fallen Angel Reviews

"This book was so good. The plot, characters, setting, everything was laid out in detail; vivid and believable. I was completely lost in the world Vijaya created and loving every second of it." 5 stars -

"Schartz’s love scenes are intense and tasteful. Red Leopard offers plenty of excitement, adventure, and love from the first page to the last." 4.5 stars  -

"...another good read in this fantasy romance series... packed with action and adventure. Galya ... a tough warrior... a sweetness about her that makes her easy to like... I loved how Rascal was Terek's faithful companion and defender throughout nearly the entire story... I really liked Red Leopard." 4 stars - The Hope Chest Reviews



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Kahuel volunteered to sail away on his brother’s Galleon to get away from a roguish past, and prove his worth as a prince. The last things he expects on this virgin land are tragedy, natives, or scheming Mutants.

Talina never saw a foreigner, until destiny brings to her shores baffling strangers who can’t read minds... among them a prince, and the Lost Daughter of the prophecy. Her fate is about to change, but the Star People protecting her clan view the outsiders as a threat to their crucial experiment.

Can Kahuel, with a few warriors and felines, save Talina and her people from a horrible fate?

From one extreme to another the societal differences in this story keep you riveted.  It is much like watching an episode of “Stargate,” where an advanced civilization engineers a primitive culture to suit their needs and perpetuate the image of deities to keep their subjects in line.  As the truth comes to light, Kahuel and Talina are not so disparate in their basic beliefs that their love for family, friends, and wildlife cannot bond them tightly, even during the worst of times.  This strange blend of fantasy, sci-if, and sweet romance is a great way to whisk yourself off to another time and place without ever having to leave your comfy chair." Coffee Time Romance & More - 4-cups rating

"...spellbinding series with this fast paced story that ensnared me from the very start... I enjoyed watching the interaction of the humans with their feline friends and how they would do anything to protect each other. The visual descriptions of the jungle scenes brought them to life for this reader. I for one can't wait for the next book in the Chronicles of Kassouk series."  5 stars - Fallen Angel Reviews 

"Schartz pens an exhilarating story of adventure and the power of love... economy of words to paint vivid pictures... The plot is tight and filled with surprises ..a great cast of characters that will quickly endear themselves to the reader scenes are tasteful and sensual. "Black Jaguar" shines...does not disappoint!" 5 stars - Stephanie Burkhart -

"...a good story with a futuristic world building... written very well. The reader will be drawn into the story and find it very hard to put down  until the very end...  very believable and engaging..." 4 red roses - Red Roses For Authors Reviews

"Ms. Schartz's books have been consistently enjoyable for me, and Black Jaguar was no exception... another worthy entry into The Chronicles of Kassouk series... I love how the big cats always play a significant role in this series fighting alongside their masters... The beginning of Kahuel and Talina's romance had a rather enchanting quality to it with them meeting by a waterfall in the jungle. They have something of a curious attraction, just wanting to know more about one another. I really enjoyed these parts... I also really enjoyed spending time with Dragomir and Tora and Terek and Galya again (from the previous installments in this series), as well as seeing that both couples are still very much in love after so many years have passed..."  4 stars - The Hope Chest Reviews



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January 2012
Preditors and Editors award for  best eBook
Science Fiction novel of 2011



In the face of Human slavery, Black Sword Captain Ariela of Kassouk must do the unthinkable. Rebel against the Mutant regime. But she cannot do it alone.

Ariela suspects the king’s death is no accident. And the tyrant who usurped the throne looks guilty as hell. As leader of the Human rebellion against the Mutant rulers, Ariela is desperate for help, and Lord Starro, the handsome Crown Prince of the Star Children, offers the technology the Human faction lacks. But can Ariela trust a spoiled, arrogant foreign prince who never fought a battle, and thinks he is destined to rule the universe? Is she trading one tyrant for another? No matter how kind, handsome, or fascinating, Starro has frightening mental abilities. And this alliance is not safe, especially for Ariela’s heart.

"Ms. Schartz's new book Blue Lioness is a fast paced and compelling story that held me spellbound  from the start.  I for one can't wait to read Noah's Ark, the next book in the Chronicles of Kassouk series." Fallen Angel Reviews - 5 angels

"Ms. Schartz presents the fight to live a life without slavery and a hot love story all at the same time. This story will capture the reader’s interest from page one and not let go until the last page is read." Sensual Reads - 5 stars - sultry

"Blue Lioness rips along at a great pace, and keeps you scrolling through pages on your e-reader, as fast as you can. Although it is part of a series, this one stands alone very well. Schartz has a very active imagination, reminiscent of JD Robb’s 2060 way of life." Manic Readers -  4˝ stars

"Wow! Talk about a real page turner! I absolutely Adored Blue Lioness. Ms. Schartz is an incredible storyteller with a very big imagination...The world building is so imaginative in this story that it just kept me turning the pages late into the night, because I was desperate to see what happened next and to see if Ariela and Starro were going to get their happy ending. If you love science fiction romance with stellar world building, and a beautiful love story, oh, and sentient big cats, then you do not want to miss this one. I for one am going to go out and buy the rest of the books in this series, and I encourage you to do so as well, Ms. Schartz is not to be missed!" Coffee Time Romance - 4 cups

"Overall, Blue Lioness was another fun, action-packed fantasy novel from Vijaya Schartz that I enjoyed. I'll now be looking forward to the release of the Chronicles of Kassouk prequel, Noah's Ark, which is due to be released in 2012." The Hope Chest Reviews - 4 stars

"A very good story... best read in order with the other books in the series... The world building comes to life for the reader as each detail pulls them into another world and lets them live it with the characters. This one is hard to put down... the reader will keep turning the pages until the very end." Red Roses for Authors - 4 roses

"Her plot is intense, adventurous with battle and love scenes and as unlikely as it is she brings it to a believable level. She further creates memorable characters... that shine brightly -- and none brighter than her hero Starro and her heroine Ariela who really rule the pages throughout the novel. Her love story is a favorite of mine: forbidden love that finds a way to survive and succeed. Her love scenes are muted enough that they will not offend any true romance reader and yet sensual enough to make the most avid reader of the genre satisfied as well... it’s made me want to not only go back to read the first three but I am now looking forward to her next adventure in these chronicles. If you love the science fiction genre, especially one with a great romance, this will fit the bill. It did for me." Long and Short Reviews



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On a mission to annex a planet for Earth, Captain Martial Terrien faces a culture with incredible psychic abilities, and falls for its lovely queen.

Natalia, future queen of Kassouk, pressured into bonding with a power-hungry prince, yearns to improve her people's lives. She finds the handsome Earth captain a refreshing distraction, despite his five fingers and ridiculous claim of being human, like the lowly workers of her world.

Captain Martial Terrien, nano-enhanced Space Marine from Earth, is on a secret, desperate mission to find his people a new home. The unexpected population on the chosen planet complicates his task, especially since the ruling caste can read minds, levitate, and teleport at will. Furthermore, the lovely princess and her pet cheetah take a shine to him, and beautiful women always spelled disaster in his past.

Natalia's jilted suitor, determined to reign at any cost, vows to annihilate the Earthlings. When the conflict escalates, can Martial obey Earth Central Command, or will he jeopardize the future of his race to save Natalia and her people?

"On top of being an incredible Sci-fi story, this book had many unique aspects. The biggest of which was one lovable and fun-loving snow Cheetah called Pangura, a pet, and the soon-to-be Queen Natalia... This story ensnared me from the very beginning with the many plot twists, fascinating characters, many Science fiction themes, and a love story that was truly inspiring. This was a wonderful addition to the Chronicles of Kassouk series." 5 stars - Fallen Angel Reviews