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Award-winning author

Vijaya Schartz

Strong heroines, brave heroes, cats,
Romance with a kick



BLUE PHANTOM series (3 books)
(Science Fiction Fantasy, set in the same universe as the Byzantium and Azura series)

There is a phantom ship that glows like a beacon in black space, appears and vanishes, and never registers on scanners. Rumors say it will save the righteous, the oppressed, and the downtrodden… and slay the unworthy without mercy. The space pirates fear it. Their victims pray for it... but its help comes at a price...  



The destruction of a great evil and the collapse of the all-powerful Galactic Trade Alliance left many planets free but disorganized and lawless. Throughout the galaxy, new gangs and mercenary factions clash for dominance. Under overwhelming threat, the strong fight and the meek submit or flee. But travel is perilous, as new crews of space pirates plunder, rape, kill, and trade slaves with impunity. The unfortunates’ only hope is the legendary angel ship... but there is a price to pay...  


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Blue Phantom Book 1



Desperate to save her people from the Marauders swarming her space freighter, Kefira prays for a miracle. Blake Volkov, legendary captain of the Blue Phantom hears her plea and deems her and her refugees worthy of his help. Grateful for the rescue, Kefira finds his price shocking. Despite his glowing wings, handsome looks and impressive abilities, Blake admits he is no angel… although Kefira’s feline bodyguard strongly disagrees.

Meanwhile, an old enemy bent on revenge against Blake unleashed an unspeakable evil on the galaxy. Time to face past mistakes… time for innocent blood to flow. Nothing prepared Kefira for the upheaval ahead.

Can Blake find redemption? Can Kefira save her people? Can either of them ever trust again?

"Vijaya Schartz has created unique and memorable characters who travel throughout the galaxy battling the forces of evil in a truly epic novel. There are so many unique aspects to this book and not just the world building. The characters are well rounded, the description on point, and the surroundings are awesome. The plot of "Angel Ship" will grip readers from the first page and keep in a talon-like grip until the very last page. Readers will enjoy Blake as he is all male and has so many qualities that will appeal. Kefira is a strong female character who wants to do the best for those aboard her ship, even if this means bargaining with the handsome rescuer. Fans of Science Fiction will love this offering and will be drawn to read more books from this talented and capable author."  Ind'Tale Magazine 4-stars Feb.2023


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Blue Phantom Book 2



Robbed of his memories, Kal is obsessed with escaping the frozen labor planet of Laxxar, to complete his crucial mission… if only he could remember what it was.

Indra is new on the angel ship. Her first solo mission to rescue a foreign angel reveals she is too caring to be a warrior. Her life turns upside down when her captain assigns her a spirited, telepathic feline named Panthera.

But a new kind of evil threatens to subjugate the galaxy, and it came on the wings of the rescued angel. Torn between duty, love, and what she thinks is right, will Indra dare violate angel rule? If she’s wrong, and Kal is an agent of evil, it could plunge the galaxy into eternal torment.


"Memorable science fiction, fantasy, romance. I enjoyed Angel Guardian from the first sentence to the last. Every member of the cast of good and evil, main and minor characters, are memorable. I recommend Guardian Angel, a science fiction, fantasy romance, and congratulate Ms Schartz on her creation of fascinating technology, and a galaxy in which evil must be defeated." 5 star review.



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Coming from BWL Publishing October 1, 2024

Blue Phantom Book 3



An unruly Valkyrie on a flying tiger, a stern angel in love with the rules, and evil pounding at the gate… What could go wrong?

Riddled with survivor’s guilt after Ragnarök, Valka wanders the universe as a bounty hunter. But when hired by angels to recruit warriors for the final battle against evil, she welcomes a chance at redemption.

General Kurt Lagarde, First Mate of the angel ship Blue Phantom, strongly rejects Valka’s methods. A stickler for discipline, he also considers this fascinating woman hazardous to his sanity, as she could make him forget all the rules.

Evil from another universe has infiltrated a secret society of former dictators hungry for power. Having massacred all the angels in his former world, the evil one wants to do the same here. The angels of this universe face their greatest challenge yet… destroy the evil one and avenge their fallen brethren… or the bringer of darkness will enslave us all.